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Friday, August 28, 2015

Lebaran 2015

I know I have leave this blog behind for so long it is because my hectic schedule. My friend kept bugging me asking when I goona update my blog (since I;ve promise her to update abt our day at gym) well I'll update it later.

So back to the title yeahhh raya! pfff raya dah habis lah woi. keh den tau. before raya start my teacher kept told us to just raya for 1 to 7 days only so that we'll focus for our SPM. but yeah 5UKM kesah apa. LOL

first raya the whole family wearing black and grey. *except abah* actually all of the cloth that we wear for first syawal is recyle baju. since we don't really buy new cloth. We did take some picture but since it was from my mom phone it doesn't came out nicely. and first raya went like that. just want to tell that every year we celebrate raya in k.pilah n9 kampung abah. since belah ibu there;s no one beside my mom siblings and relative. so we accompany our granparents here! atok tak sedih lah raya sorang-sorang. 2nd raya baru balik Klang.

On 2nd syawal all of us *girls I mean* wearing new cloth. me and my sister wearing peach while mom wearing mustard. We gather with all relative in my aunt house eat and take some family picture before going to my mom's relative house. Ibu dengan abah banyak assignment so they decide to just stay for 2 days 1 night.

Okay so that's all raya with family.

For raya at school, teachers want to do it ASAP so that the next week we will concentrate for our exam so we do it on friday, buka cuti raya. I thought that we will do it like last year. we do open house concept in every class. but idk why they change the location to canteen. Alhamdulillah our homeroom teacher got us wakaf. We got the bigger space actually.

So here some picture from raya at school. Ohmygod I can't believe it was last raya in school. U.U

My beloved classmate.

The cameraman is brilliant. asking us to do this pose.

Kau nampak tak lakonan yang diorang buat? Lol

Alea was like "Darling its me!" *psh Zul is the cameraman. namchin.

sorry Adli memang macam tu duduk kat kerusi tak senonoh. lol

So it was I-am-being-shy-here pose

Here's come Divas! kau nampak tak suria umairah anak pak cik bakar tengah cun melecun tuu!
*the left one*

I don't know why I upload this picture. I don't even there!

saja letak gambar ni, bukan senang nak ajak iqbal bergambar

and there;s me sesat.

The balloons is asdfghjkl sensitive!

  Okay! This is what we doin' over and over again! thankfully the picture came out well!

And there's Maisura. Spoiling the picture =,='

The whole classmate and our homeroom teacher!

Terlebih over lah sur ni

I don't know what they talking about but I'm sure they are gossiping about something!

And KFC feast! Thanks to sir Anuar for treating us. *it was for our drama competition for getting 2nd place*

Si melecun Azira. unfortunately she's taken.

Lets go to adventure with 5UKM + shidan + aiman. just don;t ask why that 2 form 4 students following us. Raya tahun ni diorang tak nak pakai baju kurung so we just rock the world wearing pants! You go girl! Actually there's some crisis before we start our journey from juasseh to terusan to b.kikir to juasseh then jemapoh then back to terusan after that back to jemapoh and last pelangai. We go by bike (motorcycle) Motor ada tapi sorang pemandu tak da. so they all ask me to ride and farhani as pemboceng. I was scare to death. But alhamdulillah all of that problems solve. So yeah we start our first journey to rumah alif. then my house! and so on. LOL I decide to make it short since I want to put some picture.

Shidah's house babeh!

With our Addmath teacher! Cikgu Romlah

Cett Suria!

Celebrating Ecah's birthday!

I don't know what;s going on between Fauzan and Zul.

So that's is the wrap. All the pictures are not edited since someone delete my photoshop. U,U

Anyway good luck trial! 

p/s: please don't judge my english. I'm still learning. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

New life

I love this part!! Omg baekhyun hands! 


gila apa post entry pepagi buto ni. LOL

This is the first entry for this blog. I create this blog so that I can write about my life update, and also because I want to improve my english. I remember my teacher, miss sharon always read my old blog, she give advice to me to try to write in english, but I don't think I can do that (well I only 15 at that time, my english is not so good). Another reason is because I want to start fresh. I want to be mature in all my entry because looking back at the time when I use to became active blogger I think I write too much about my "love" life. I think it suck. Because everything I write is so childish! and probably all my reader are bored with me since I always write about my unrequited-love (lol pity me) and so I decide to private all my blog, I might be delete it but I want to save it for a while.

I start 'berbloging' when I was 11. At that time my friend, farah (hai farah!!) ask me if I had a blog. I don;t know what is it so I try to create one. But still I don;t know the function. and one day kak syakila (our sch technician) make an even for us and teach us how to 'berblogging' so together me, syiqin, nurin, farah, faariha, ida and etc *sorry for those I don;t remember* make a blog. We become an active young blogger. but soon after we graduate from primary sch, we enroll different sch. and none of us is active blogger *except me! but I stop writing when I busy with sch. and yeahh I miss 'dunia blogging!' just to remind you that I hate this new version of HTLM! omg! I can't do the image hover. I can't get rid of image boarder. I can't design my blockquote. and everything! U.U My blog looks sooooooooooo old fashion. I know classic templet but I just don't want to use it.

say hi to hot yet cute kai!!

My other 2 blog ; sayasukamacaroon. and daughterofmazlan will be private soon. sometimes I got embarrassed reading my old entry *facepalm* I just hope this is my last blog. together we pray lol. Okay stop. Well this is so sudden but hey!! EXO is comeback again with LOVE ME RIGHT! TT_TT *shot SM with gun* my exam is near. ya allahhh how I'm going to restrain myself! I just hope they do not have their own variety show this year *at least until I graduate* because I will forget about all alkana alkena and so on.

Sorry for my bad english and grammar. well I hate grammar. 
Sad that OT9 only for Love Me Right U.U I hope everything will be fine and lets stay remain as OT10 although I still hoping for OT12.

p/s: I love baekhyun ost!!