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Sunday, April 10, 2016


Anyeong! yes I'm still on my duty for NS (plkn). Today date is actually 26/3/16 yes! its Xiumin birthday today and also 600Days with Exo-L!! Today entry is actually too celebrate 3 event!  Because I'll discharged on 24/5/16 yeah I missed a lot of important event! That's why I'm writing my blog at 6.27AM another 2 hour and I'll leaving my home TT-TT

Okay now let's start! 4 years with EXO! yoohoo! it's already 4 years since their debut. Omgg time passed by quickly. They debut on 8 April 2012. It actually 2 days before my birthday :). That's why I'm proud! To say that I followed them since their debut it's actually lie. No I'm not Exotic at that time or Exo-L. I'm INSPIRIT. my bias is myungsoo :))) I don't hate them, bcs I actually stan shinee first when I enter kpop world. So basically I'm SM stand! So yeah at that time people were busy to follow their teaser to present one by one members. And you know what? I didn;t follow it *bapakk menyesal gilaa!* rookie group that I stan at that time is B.A.P and BTOB and yes although I'm more to inspirit but I'm multifandom. I listen to all kpop song at that time.

How I can become Exo-L? well this is where I stop spazzing about Infinite for a while. No I'm not hating on infinite! never! I still followed their news thoo! it actually on 2013 where I have PMR. Infinite start to announce their world tour for OGS and Malaysia is include on their world tour list TT-TT I don't have money and my mom don;t allow me to meet them nor welcome them from airport TTwTT I was actually depress and can't stop crying because I can't met them. So I distract myself with staning for exo. They are hot topic during that time. They just comeback with 12 members :'( with wolf and growl. Surprisingly I enjoy all their song! So I start to like them and can't stop search about them. yes I have a hard time to recognize their face. But I know them quite fast for a group who have more than 10 members.

But what I'm actually glad is I stand them from 12 to 9. it's sad of course. thinking to leaving fandom never cross my mind. Because I think this is first time I like only one group. Still remember when Exo announce their first ever variety show with OT12. EXO SHOWTIME! where we Exo-L waiting for every Thursday just to watch their variety show with raw if we can't wait it to be sub. And we start to know exo's subber. which my fav is the mongs. I remember that time where we proud of our babies when we winning Album of the year for the first time during MAMA 2013. And when Kyungsoo first role on movie! from then start exo life as actor from Kyungsoo to sehun :)))

I actually post this on EXO site. 1000 Days with exo

I don;t know what to say more. All I want to say is I'm proud of them. And I'll be Exo-L that will stand them even with 1 member left. Happy 4th Anniversary sayang!! Always remember to rest, don't overwork! get healthy food! kept loving your members!

Last but no least Happy birthday our maknae Sehun! 12/4/94 your birthday is just 2 days after my birthday. I'm proud to be in between 2 important date. So happy birthday for me too!

Aegy ah! don't worry You still number 3 on my bias list!

Good luck for your movie! Don't get hurt!

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