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Sunday, May 31, 2015

New life

I love this part!! Omg baekhyun hands! 


gila apa post entry pepagi buto ni. LOL

This is the first entry for this blog. I create this blog so that I can write about my life update, and also because I want to improve my english. I remember my teacher, miss sharon always read my old blog, she give advice to me to try to write in english, but I don't think I can do that (well I only 15 at that time, my english is not so good). Another reason is because I want to start fresh. I want to be mature in all my entry because looking back at the time when I use to became active blogger I think I write too much about my "love" life. I think it suck. Because everything I write is so childish! and probably all my reader are bored with me since I always write about my unrequited-love (lol pity me) and so I decide to private all my blog, I might be delete it but I want to save it for a while.

I start 'berbloging' when I was 11. At that time my friend, farah (hai farah!!) ask me if I had a blog. I don;t know what is it so I try to create one. But still I don;t know the function. and one day kak syakila (our sch technician) make an even for us and teach us how to 'berblogging' so together me, syiqin, nurin, farah, faariha, ida and etc *sorry for those I don;t remember* make a blog. We become an active young blogger. but soon after we graduate from primary sch, we enroll different sch. and none of us is active blogger *except me! but I stop writing when I busy with sch. and yeahh I miss 'dunia blogging!' just to remind you that I hate this new version of HTLM! omg! I can't do the image hover. I can't get rid of image boarder. I can't design my blockquote. and everything! U.U My blog looks sooooooooooo old fashion. I know classic templet but I just don't want to use it.

say hi to hot yet cute kai!!

My other 2 blog ; sayasukamacaroon. and daughterofmazlan will be private soon. sometimes I got embarrassed reading my old entry *facepalm* I just hope this is my last blog. together we pray lol. Okay stop. Well this is so sudden but hey!! EXO is comeback again with LOVE ME RIGHT! TT_TT *shot SM with gun* my exam is near. ya allahhh how I'm going to restrain myself! I just hope they do not have their own variety show this year *at least until I graduate* because I will forget about all alkana alkena and so on.

Sorry for my bad english and grammar. well I hate grammar. 
Sad that OT9 only for Love Me Right U.U I hope everything will be fine and lets stay remain as OT10 although I still hoping for OT12.

p/s: I love baekhyun ost!!

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