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Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Baekhyunie Birthday!!

Our cute squirrel! 

Anyeong! As some of you know I'm currently on my duty for National Service (plkn). It might be weird for you to see this update since how the hell I'm updating my blog? Lol The current date is actually 25/03/16. yes I'm going to enlist tomorrow TT-TT *slap my face*

Okay what ever. Now to the main point! Today is our forever my favorite vocal *beside kyungsoo* Baekhyun birthday!! yeayyy! *fire works* You're old now. I didn't have special gift for you but I'm actually glad to meet you! yeah! 12/3/16 marked our first meeting. Our first eye contact and for sure I'll remember when you giving flying kiss freaking in front of my eyes! I was actually chasing you and kyungsoo during playboy. Nasib baik amik rock E.


I actually like you first. umm or not. Hahaha. actually I was confuse whether to like you or sehun or kyungsoo. I want to say that you're my bias in exo but there's a lot of people around me that like you TT.TT So at the end I chose my very first bias in exo. yes your best friend park chanyeol! ahaha I even make special entry just for his birthday on my old blog! See how much I like him during that time, not until I kept watching your video. I don't know why. But I really like your personality. When I'm watching Exo showtime I was like omg! Why this boy so cute and cheeky at the same time! But then your scandal news came out. I might say I sad of course although I still 'chanyeol-fan' but I kept saying to my self is okay. taeyeon is pretty too. So I gamble to myself If your breakup news out I will declare my love for you. And yes. Not even a day I change my twitter username from LadyChanyeol to LadyyBaekhyun. Instagram too from iekachann to mrs.byunn. See how much I like you? Even when I like chanyeol and myungsoo back then I only have about 70-100+ picture. but you almost 500+ and all of them in HQ from your fanbase/fansite. homaigod I'm proud Aeri!

#Exo'Luxion In Malaysia! 

I want to met you again in Seoul concert. Because hell you are so talkative! I want to learn korea so that I can comment on your Ig with you understand every single words that I write. You give me so much inspiration. I don't care how much salty people talk bad about you because I know you love us maybe not unconditionally but eternally. lol how cheesy I am? because of you!


And please! don't strip for your next concert! ahahahah! I love the way how you communicate with fans. You really like appa scolding his children when Exo-L ask you to strip! I still want to hear you laugh thoo. So beautiful. your voice really calm me. Oppa! good luck for your drama! I'm sure you're the most cutest prince among other prince since you're so small beside them! I'll watch it! for sure! Love you oppa! let's meet again!

In love with your smile!

ahh I need to continue packing my stuff. Oh by the way today is Umin hyung birthday! *idk why I love calling him umin hyung* happy birthday oppa!  #All pic are not mine.


Little B

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