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Saturday, December 31, 2016

END 2016

2016 is the busiest year in my life (well for me) so many things happen and I want to store it on my blog but then I was so busy with college life. I quit form 6 and take diploma instead. How my life change after plkn. meeting new friends. Living far away from family FOR THE FIRST TIME! And of course homesick. breakup with friend and reconcile back *allhamdulillah. New love boy Lol

I want to share about plkn's life but not now. About my college life in poly penang. About being engineering student which I did not wish to be one but nah allah have a better plan for me. all way for 2017. Now that Ive my own laptop I think it easier to update my blog. so yeahh bye 2016! wish to become more feminine and more closer to allah insyallah. and of course 3.0 above for sem 2!

bye. anyeong.

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